AliAnn Rushing Attilio

Looking for the dead kind
My work seeks to reorient the viewer’s relationship to objects, bring the excessiveness of objects to the fore, and illustrate the generative potential of alliances between objects and feminists. I also explore the inherent conflicts between feminism, where empowered subjectivity is integral, and the world of objects, which are denied subjectivity by definition. Object-oriented feminism informs my work, and is a branch of philosophy combining object-oriented ontology and feminism. Object orientation regards objects as actors in their own environment, disinterested in their intended human use. As I create with used furniture slip covers, crushed traffic signs, and discarded fabric, these objects begin to resist my conceptual enforcement and communicate independently. As women, whose purported inferiority rationalizes our continued objectification, we can relate to objects engaged in resistance. 

Six dash Nineteen is a collaborative duo with artist Jessica Lambert. Our projects have been published in volume 9 of Emergency Index, an Annual Document of Performance Practice, featured in the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts 2020 $5 Video Exhibition, and shown in Wiki How: How to Run for President, A Group Exhibition by Women Under 35.